Publication Ethics

The following standards of Publication Ethics are adhered to in order to preserve the credibility and integrity of AJAC:

As Editors

  1. AJAC practices a double-blind peer review process and maximizes effort to prevent any conflict of interest between the authors, the editors, and the reviewers.
  2. AJAC is committed to using plagiarism-detecting software to screen submitted papers and reserves the right to reject any paper with a high similarity score.
  3. AJAC ensures that the confidentiality of all information related to the submitted papers is upheld.

As Reviewers

  1. All information related to the submitted papers must be kept as confidential.
  2. Any detection of copyright infringement and plagiarism on the author’s side must be promptly communicated to the editor. 
  3. All submitted papers shall be reviewed fairly and objectively. 
  4. Reviewers who feel unqualified to review a submitted article or are aware of any conflict of interest, which may influence the quality of the review, should promptly notify the editor to be excluded from that particular assignment.

As Authors

  1. Only original works are submitted. Any plagiarism detected would lead to outright rejection.
  2. The submitted papers are not concurrently submitted to other journals.
  3. Use of all works from other sources should be acknowledged by appropriate citation and referencing.
  4. Any fundamental and significant error discovered in the published work must be immediately communicated to the journal editor.
  5. All possible conflicts of interest must be disclosed during the submission of the first draft.
  6. The agreement shall be given to transfer the copyright of publication before publishing the article.